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Heiwa-no-hana-high Uniform Reference by Meiotarc Heiwa-no-hana-high Uniform Reference :iconmeiotarc:Meiotarc 3 0 [P-V] Marina Gilmore APP by Meiotarc [P-V] Marina Gilmore APP :iconmeiotarc:Meiotarc 1 6 [SCRATCHES APP] Valerie Castor by Meiotarc [SCRATCHES APP] Valerie Castor :iconmeiotarc:Meiotarc 9 2 cass being a valentines day weeb by Meiotarc cass being a valentines day weeb :iconmeiotarc:Meiotarc 3 1 Date Cass by Meiotarc Date Cass :iconmeiotarc:Meiotarc 2 1 Cacti 4 Lyfe by Meiotarc Cacti 4 Lyfe :iconmeiotarc:Meiotarc 1 1 Introduction Meme - CASSI by Meiotarc Introduction Meme - CASSI :iconmeiotarc:Meiotarc 3 1 meh, i guess by Meiotarc meh, i guess :iconmeiotarc:Meiotarc 0 0 Fai by Meiotarc Fai :iconmeiotarc:Meiotarc 0 1 [ORGAN RE-APP] Cassandra Wilcox by Meiotarc [ORGAN RE-APP] Cassandra Wilcox :iconmeiotarc:Meiotarc 3 4




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Meiotarc's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, I'm Catherine, a cat obsessed, half author-half-drawer, a destroyer of toasters, and a grown adult who cannot figure out neither the fill bucket nor how to color within lines.


Heiwa-no-hana-high Uniform Reference
As you can see above, this is the revamped uniform of HNHH XD 

So yeah, going by the color cordination, the colors are sorted by each year. I wrote it on the picture ^^

The shirts has to be a white shirt in order for people to see the sweater colors more. I'm sorry if I seem a little strict on this XD I'm not that strict at all ^^

The sweaters MUST go by the color of your year~ So if you're a sophomore and wearing a sweater that has the freshman color, you have to fix that XD Also, you can actually have your characters wear the sweater around their waist, just as long as they are still wearing the uniform bow so we could figure out their year.

Same thing for the ties, they have to be the tie that matches your year ^^ You can wear it either way as long as I can see it on the character's app.

You can wear any kinds of shoes that you want, as long as they aren't platforms or super super high heels XD Wedges are acceptable~ Flip flops aren't acceptable either, this isn't the beach guys..

Now for the bottoms, the girls can wear either pants or a skirt. Heck, she can even wear suspenders. As long as she doesn't wear any overalls XD If you do though, make sure it's black, and that you wear the sweater over the top part ^^

You can wear accessories, but make sure it doesn't cover your uniform tie ^^ Necklaces, bracelets, and headbands are allowed~ 

And that's it for now! If you need help on figuring out the uniform, just come here owo

This reference can only be used for this group. :iconheiwa-no-hana-high:
[P-V] Marina Gilmore APP

:iconpop-vital: :iconpop-vital: :iconpop-vital:

lmaoo what even is lineart anymore haha

bio. :coffeecup: rvmp 

F2U Starbucks coffee pixel Name:  Marina Gilmore F2U Starbucks coffee pixel 
F2U Starbucks coffee pixel Age: 25 F2U Starbucks coffee pixel 
F2U Starbucks coffee pixel Height: 5’ 7” | ~ 170.18cmF2U Starbucks coffee pixel 
F2U Starbucks coffee pixel Weight: 130 lbs. | ~ 58.967kg F2U Starbucks coffee pixel 
 F2U Starbucks coffee pixel Sexual Orientation: Pansexual F2U Starbucks coffee pixel  
F2U Starbucks coffee pixel Gender: Female F2U Starbucks coffee pixel 

F2U Starbucks coffee pixel Voice: Carrie Keranen  F2U Starbucks coffee pixel 

F2U Starbucks coffee pixel Species: Aquaian F2U Starbucks coffee pixel 

occupation. :coffeecup: rvmp 

Apartment: Beachfront
Occupation: Fashion Designer
| ➕ | Specializes in (very expensive) luxury clothing. | Her brand is popular among the wealthy citizens of Parifornia. |

| ➖ | A perfectionist with her work, and can be very harsh on her assistant at times. | Often has art blocks and can barely design anything during art blocks. |

biography. :coffeecup: rvmp 

| Flirty | Generous | Patient | Workaholic | Isn't Serious | Aloof | Spoiled | Childish | 
Marina is naturally charismatic and humorous, making her an excellent flirt. She is also quite generous to the majority of people, and eternally polite. She is also patient with nearly everyone, as she rarely, if ever, loses her temper. Marina is also a workaholic and will work herself to death unless her assistant literally kicks her out of the studio. She is also completely aloof and doesn’t get attached to people easily. Due to Marina’s childhood, she is spoiled rotten as she had regularly received everything handed to her on a silver platter. She is childish at times and isn’t particularly serious about anything.


Marina was born to a single teen Aquarian mother who had put the baby girl up for adoption. She stayed at the adoption agency for 3 years until she was adopted by a popular model who was looking to improve her image. She was raised in a large home by servants and assistants of her mother. She never really interacted with her mother when she was younger. When she was ten, her mother introduced her to a fashion designer who taught Marina the ins and outs of the business. She ended up moving out and becoming his protege as soon as turned 18. She eventually began building herself a name for herself and left her mentor when she was 24. She is now breaking into the industry and she hopes to be one of the world’s fashion icons one day.

Family: Raina [Mother]
RP Tracker: TBA

 miscellaneous. :coffeecup: rvmp 

| Likes |

| Going Clubbing |
| Designing |
| Swimming |
| Meat |
| Plants |
| Ballroom Dancing |
| Terrariums |
| Fruity Cocktails |
| Food |
| Large Dogs |
| Candy |
| Fuzzy Bathrobes |

| Dislikes |

| Dust |
| Cats |
| Strangers Touching her Fins |
| Vodka |
| Vegetables |
 | Fish Tanks (“It’s inhumane I tell you!”) |
| Uninteresting People |
| Trivia |
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Her adoptive mother was a Seedling who had roses blooming everywhere on her body.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Her skin dries out somewhat quickly, so she usually needs to submerge herself in water twice a day, i.e a bath or going swimming.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Her blood is actually the same color of turquoise that her fins are.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! She's really intrigued by other races, especially humans.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Marina rarely keeps track of her appearance outside of important events.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Her fins can move and close up when threatened.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Marina has two dogs, a Saint Bernard named Kiki and a Greyhound named Chica.

[SCRATCHES APP] Valerie Castor

  :icons-c-r-a-t-c-h-e-s:  Arrow right 

"I never know what I'm doing. That's my superpower, mate. "

  -Ezekiel Jones (The Librarians)

    :cup: GENERAL:cup:  
    Name: Castor, Valerie
    Alias/Nickname: Val, Eri, Eric

    Gender: Female    
    Age: 20 
    Birthday: December 3
    Ethnicity: Korean 
    Nationality: North American

    Cup: Cool STATS Cup: Cool 
    Stats: strength- 4/10 | dexterity- 6/10  | intelligence- 2/10  | charm- 4/10 |  fortitude- 8/10 | magic aptitude- 6/10
    Height: 5' 8" or approx. 173 cm    
    Weight: 150 lb. or 68 kg
    Magical Power: Perception Manipulation
|Pros: | 
  • Can work on any living organism with a brain or similarly functioning organ.
  • Can completely change what a being is seeing or feeling.
  • Someone under her magic can't mentally will themselves out of it, only the caster can let the magic go away.
|Cons: | 
  • Incredibly draining, especially on 10+ people.
  • Must use absolute concentration, something Valerie isn't exactly good at....
  • Doesn't have much practice using her magic, so sometimes she can do it subconsciously with her knowledge.
  • Isn't a good offensive power, so she'll have to rely on physical ability alone.
Magical Weapon: Fingerless Leather Glove: | A treasured keepsake from her father, she keeps it very close to her heart, and she wears it everywhere. She usually repairs the glove by hand, but it's not in the best condition.

   Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! | Strengths: | 
     Blue Arrow Bullet Can speak and write three languages fluently, English, Korean, and Arabic.
     Blue Arrow Bullet Has a high pain tolerance.
     Blue Arrow Bullet Has a calm mind at any given time, especially in times of panic. 
     Blue Arrow Bullet A near expert of parkour. 
    Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! |Weaknesses: |  
     Blue Arrow Bullet Has Attention Issues, ADHD is suspected.
     Blue Arrow Bullet Can easily be sidetracked especially when a hot person is involved..
     Blue Arrow Bullet Impulsive and very reckless.
     Blue Arrow Bullet Underestimates threats often, and on the rare occasion, overestimates them.
    Rank: N/A
    Cash Money: 0

Cup: Sofunny PERSONAL Cup: Sofunny 
 Warnings: Abandonment, Death, Running Away.  
Abridged Version:
Valerie was abandoned by her parents when she was two and was taken in by her ill grandmother, who eventually passed away when Valerie was 12. She got into a habit of running away and got stuck with the wrong type of people. She was eventually turned into SCAM once she turned old enough as no one wanted to deal with her much longer.

|Childhood 0 - 13|

Valerie was born to a Korean mother and father. Her father was a top mechanic and her mother was an aspiring artist who both had dreams to traveling the world. To fulfill this, they dropped off Valerie at her grandmother's house, an elderly woman who was plagued by many illnesses. This would eventually lead Valerie's low self-esteem issues and eventually, made her feel like she doesn't fit in with everyone else. Her grandmother was kind and nurturing and tried to provide as best of a good life and home for Valerie. Her neighbor, a retired Arabian schoolteacher who tutored Valerie in her core subjects and taught her Arabic in return for helping him with small chores around his house. During 6th grade, the day she entered middle school, her grandmother gave her a box containing her father's old leather gloves as a good luck charm. 
In seventh grade, her grandmother died due to her illnesses, and Valerie had to sell her grandmother's house and belongings to pay back her medical bills and other debts. She felt withdrawn at this time and ran away from the foster home she was staying at. The foster family managed to track her down and when she tried to run away again she was sent to another foster home.

|Teenage Years 14 - 18|

At age fourteen Valerie had gone through 12 foster homes in the span of 16 months. She was then sent to a foster family in a large city, where she ran away and it took weeks for the foster family to track her. When Valerie was finally back home, she fell asleep, only to wake up with a strange mark on her arm. She questioned her foster family about this and the family immediately registered her and sent her to training for the 3 years, where she consistently skipped and was forced to stay another year to catch up. Once she finished training she was sent to SCAM so she was out of everyone's hair and for her delinquencies. 

| Present 19 - 20|

Valerie tries to keep her impulse to run away in check but is getting used to a certain sense of stability. She is also participating in multiple different high contact sports and well as socializing. Her magic is getting more under control as time passes by but it still falters. She's still scared her newly made friends might leave her, but for the moment life is pleasant.
  Sudoku   Personality:  Sudoku 

Checkmark Icon  | Outgoing | Loyal | Adaptable | Observant | Fun-Loving | Laid-Back | Patient | Open | Honest | Friendly |
Valerie is very outgoing and friendly simply by nature. If you can manage to befriend her, she will have your back for as long as Valerie is alive. She is also adaptable thanks to the number of times she's moved to different foster homes, getting used to her surroundings quickly. Also by nature is the fact that she is very observant, and can analyze her surroundings and create decisions quickly. She is also very laid-back in most situations, and it takes a lot to rile her up. She is also very fun-loving and loves to do anything that will give her even a slither of thrill. Thanks to her grandmother, she is also very patient and honest, which makes giving advice a bit easier. She is also honest and will say the truth unless her life or if people she cares about are on the line.

X Icon | Tactless | Self-Degrading | Absent-Minded | Procrastinative | Loud | Sarcastic | Blunt | Cynical | Morbid | Anxious/Paranoid | Unattached | Flirty |
Valerie, thanks to her past is self-degrading and anxious due to being abandoned by her parents when she was very young. Valerie isn't in tune with other people's feelings if they don't tell her up front so she can unintentionally be tactless. She can be a bit morbid at times and sometimes doesn't take death very seriously. Outside of when her life is at risk, Valerie can be absent-minded and tends to be inattentive and forgetful. She is also flirty to a fault, often being too forward when it comes to people she deems attractive. She also possesses an extremely loud voice and has to speak quietly as to make sure people don't scold her for it. Also thanks to her past she is very cynical and unattached and tends to be distant and fries not to get too close to people then fails . She also believes dreams are pointless endeavors, and that one will get swallowed up this cruel world while doing so. Valerie can be considered procrastinative as she pushes unimportant events and assignments till the cut-off date is near. She is also very blunt, a side effect of her honesty and she knows no subtlety. 

   Star Bullet (Yellow) - F2U!  Likes: | High Contact Sports (Football, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, etc,) | Apple Pie | Fresh Linens | Sweets | Cats | Pizza | Hiking | Hacking | The Beach | Dancing | Aesthetics | Plants | 
    :stop: Dislikes: | Rules | Fighting | Cold Tea or Coffee | Grass Stains | Messes | Pink | Illnesses | Authority Figures | Pumpkin Smells | Being Bored | Vegetables | Mentioning her Family |

Cup: Love EXTRA Cup: Love 
Blue Arrow Bullet Voice Claim: Camilla Mendes: Example  
Blue Arrow BulletFace Claim: Mizuhara Kiko: ExampleExample 2
Blue Arrow Bullet Is a Pansexual, so she's indifferent about gender
Blue Arrow Bullet Works 2 different jobs.
Blue Arrow Bullet Has a black on white and white on black aesthetic. 
Blue Arrow BulletIs into Nintendo Games. 
Blue Arrow BulletWas originally left-handed, but now can use both hands pretty well.
Blue Arrow BulletZodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blue Arrow BulletSnails are much better than people. So much better.
Blue Arrow BulletShe loves children. Kids are the best.
Blue Arrow BulletHer birthday and her favorite food match up as December 3rd is Apple Pie Day.
Blue Arrow Bullet Regularly dyes her hair black, but the blue magically climbs from the bottom of hair all the way to her roots. 
Blue Arrow BulletCurrently, owns 253 hoodies.
Blue Arrow Bullet Baking is a hobby of hers.
Blue Arrow BulletWears enough Nike to get a sponsorship.
Blue Arrow BulletCooks up a mean homemade pizza.
Blue Arrow Bullet Is a slut for brown hair lmao
Blue Arrow BulletProbably is an in-closet anime fan. Probably. 
Blue Arrow BulletHer symbol is a Luwian hieroglyph meaning 'King'.

    Method: | Paragraph (Most Preferred) | Script | Headcanons |  Tiny Skull Bullet f2u  |Discord | Skype | Google Docs | Notes (Least Preferred) | (I will try other platforms out if you ask, just not comments.) |
    Timezone: EDT 


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